What is this?

Type Sample is a tool for identifying and sampling webfonts.

Who made it?

Type Sample is currently being built by Justin Van Slembrouck (@jvanslem) and Paul Barnes-Hoggett (@__pbh). Many thanks to Jake Levine (@jrlevine) for helping get the Type Sample site off the ground.

What should I do to get started?

Install the bookmarklet by dragging this to your bookmarks bar: Type Sample

Or, if you're using a Chrome browser, you may choose to install the extension.

How much does it cost?

Anyone can use the bookmarklet and save three samples for free. To save an unlimited number of samples, it's $5 a year. This money helps cover the cost to keep the site running.

What's next for Type Sample?

We've got a long list of things to improve and features to build. We're really interested in hearing your feedback and about any bugs you find. Get in touch with us on Twitter (@typesample) or email us at hello@typesample.com

If you want to recieve occasional emails about Type Sample, subscribe to our mailing list:

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